How a logo should be designed

What Should You Not Do In A Logo Design

Logo Designing


Your logo design is effectively the face of your brand and company. It makes a strong first impression. Your company’s logo is the first thing new, potential clients see, so it ought to express what you have to offer right away. It must appeal to clients, establish confidence, and provide information in order to persuade them to inquire more. There are no second chances if your logo fails to grab curiosity right away. It builds your brand identity and grows your brand loyalty. Everything you want to convey about your company is represented in your logo, which can then be used in both online and offline marketing.


Things To Avoid In A Logo


As discussed above, logo designs are very crucial for a business. So it is important to successfully execute a logo design. This includes understanding what you will have to avoid in the logo. Some of them are discussed in this blog.


Poor Font


The correct font  makes or breaks a logo design. Using many typefaces will make your brand appear foolish or amateurish. It’s fairly unusual for a logo to fail due to a bad font choice. Every business has its own personality, and typefaces are no exception. Select the appropriate font personality for your brand. A hand-drawn typeface vs a serious, strong font, for example, would have a distinct mood and express various qualities.


Spend some time looking at different typefaces that fit your company’s aesthetic. 


Using Raster Images


When creating a logo, it’s common to utilise vector graphics tools like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A vector graphic ensures visual consistency at different sizes. Raster graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop are used as an alternative. Pixels make up a raster graphic, which is also known as a bitmap.


It’s not a good idea to utilise raster graphics for logos because they pose issues with replication.

Don'ts in Logo Designing

Using Too Many Words


Using too many words isn’t a good thing in marketing text, and it’s much worse in logo design. Simplify everything in order to produce a memorable, shareable logo. Separate the firm name from the emblem, use fewer words rather than more, and concentrate on the logo. 


Copying Competitors


Copying a more successful competitor’s logo design ruins your brand identity. It’s illegal and  you’ll almost certainly get caught sooner or later.

Aside from plagiarism, if your logo appears too similar to that of a rival, you risk being mistaken for them. If there’s a well-known business with a logo that appears similar to yours, you’ll be the one who takes the heat.


Updating Frequently


Unlike a marketing strategy, logos do not need to be modified on a frequent basis. When it comes to logos, consistency is crucial. If you’re continually altering or redesigning your logo, it  puts off clients. If you make significant modifications, some may not recognise it. A constant logo becomes the main identity for a brand over time. 

The most essential purpose of your brand logo is to provide your company or organisation with a distinct symbol that will help you stand out from the competition. A good logo  also expresses essential information about your firm to your customers. It  indicates what product or service you’re offering, what industry you’re in, your brand values, and even your brand values.


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