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What Is Social Media Optimization Marketing



Social media is an all-in-one platform that helps people interact with each other and have some formal or informal conversations. It is also a great tool for people to showcase their talent and get appreciation from their fellow audience.

Another thing that you can use social media for is marketing. Marketers can use it to promote their products and services to the target audience. Also, they can gain more traffic and generate revenue at the same time. It is SMO Marketing.

What is SMO marketing?


The abbreviation of SMO is social media optimization and it involves finding out what content performs well for the company and repeating that successfully with some changes here and there. It is a perfect alliance between SEO and social media. The marketer learns the preferences of the audience and it helps them to create a strategy according to that. The main objective of conducting SMO marketing is to showcase the content in front of the target audience.



The next important point to learn about SMO is whether it is really necessary to conduct this process or is it just a waste of time? Well, let’s get an answer to the question by listing down certain points.

Strong presence


To begin with, companies or businesses need a strong customer base and that a strong presence on social media creates. Several marketers have realized the importance of Social Media Optimization for business and are working to achieve the goals and building a strong relationship with their audience. SMO can also be a great way to create better visibility and increase brand awareness.

Increases reach


When compared to the traditional forms of marketing, SMO marketing helps companies to reach a larger audience from every corner of the world. The companies can collect information from various parts and then sort out the ones that are interested in the company. Later on, they can accordingly send the latest information to the target audience and can improve website traffic. SMO is a crucial tool for brand awareness and visibility.

Drives more traffic


SMO is a great source for traffic generation. The more people check out the content and visit the website, the more traffic will be attracted towards the company. This organic traffic can be very beneficial as it will lead to more conversion rates and generate more revenue for the company. Also, one does not have to spend a single penny to conduct this task and just work hard for bringing more traffic.

Lead creation


Social media is generally useful for branding and creating a whisper, but it can also be used for lead generation. Utilizing social media platforms can transform lead creation campaigns significantly.

Helps with SEO


As mentioned above, there is a direct link between SEO and SMO as the search engines have now started taking a look at social media channels and the performance of various businesses and companies on the platform. It will lead to a better ranking on the search engine’s result page and will also drive traffic to the website.

Social Media Optimization marketing 1.1

Simple steps to SMO


Research about the audience


The first step is to categorize the audience into various sections. One would consist of the interested audience, and the other would consist of the disinterested ones. The marketers would only have to focus on the interested audience and promote their brand to them. Choose the right platform where the users might be captivated by the product or service provided by you. One can also go for cross-platform marketing if the audience is present on various platforms.

Carry out a competitive analysis


Constantly check the platforms and channels that your competitors are posting on, and then accordingly create a strategy that performs well. Analyze the engagement happening on social media. If your competitors are performing well on Facebook, try your best and improve but never overdo it. Rather, go for another platform that has relatively less competition but the same amount of audience. Cross-platform marketing will be very useful in this case as well.

Construct a strategy based on discoveries


Once the selection of one platform or various platforms is done, start building a strategy according to the findings and research that you might have done until now. A Strategy is the keystone of SMO and companies would not function without a proper strategy.

Work on the strategy


Since you have built the strategy, the next thing is to apply it in reality. This will be done by a team of SEO and SMO experts who will work closely and monitor the changes and updates happening in the respective fields. Whenever anything is posted, the marketers can guide the followers towards the blog or article which will increase the number of visitors. This is especially done on Instagram. The team will also help you to measure your progress and set SMART goals.

Evaluate the results and work accordingly


Once the blogs and posts are scheduled and are live on the platforms, the last step is to evaluate whether the posts are liked by the followers or they are not impressed with the content. If they are not, the marketers would have to build new strategies and introduce changes in the content and work accordingly.

The bottom line


SMO will not be effective on its own. There should be integrated digital marketing wherein the marketers use SEO, SMO, Content marketing altogether and work towards the path of success. It may be a difficult task to handle all of this by one person. Hence, one would need a team of experts that can conduct the job smoothly and efficiently.

At Cyber Dolphins, the team or the cyber pod will conduct this process smoothly without any complications. They assure a 100% result and provide the best quality services without any mistake.

We hope the article helps you to find the answers to your questions and motivates you to start working on building a social media profile for the business. Utilize social media for your benefit and it will lead to success.

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