What is SEO in Marketing

What is SEO in Marketing?


The modern world necessitates a wide range of choices in different fields. Marketers, too, are finding it difficult to adhere to conventional marketing methods. They need to come up with something that can build their business and increase the number of customers. All of this can be possible with digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a wide concept and to simply put it down, it is promoting the products and services on a digital platform. This form of marketing involves various tools and techniques and one such tool is known as search engine optimization

What is SEO in digital marketing? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the fundamental part of digital marketing that involves the practice of increasing website traffic in the form of quantity and quality through organic search engine results. 

The marketer’s job is to create relevant content as the search engines would look out for up-to-date pages and the ones that can help the users. 

Significance of SEO in marketing 

Since you might have understood the meaning of SEO, let’s move on to the next important part i.e, the significance of SEO in marketing. 

Website traffic

Marketers constantly search for new ways to improve website traffic and attract more users. This can be done through an unpaid form of marketing i.e. by SEO. The Search engine is a complex network that holds the knowledge of every single field. The companies have to create content in such a manner that they rank in at least the top 5 or top 10. 


Increasing the number of users means increasing the visibility and ranking of the website. This is possible only when one ranks high on the search engine results page (SERP). It is also essential to remain on the 1st page in the SERP because users generally do not turn on to the next page as they find the relevant content on the first. 


Authority is one of the most important points for the significance of SEO in marketing. When the website is authentic, trustworthy, high quality, and relevant it creates a sort of authority in the site. The more authority the site has, the higher the ranking would be, and more users would be attracted to the website. So to create trust for your brand and build a strong relationship with the users, marketers have to keep in mind that they create authentic and relevant content. 

Create a better experience

One thing that always impresses the customer is useful and simple content that is 100% effective and efficient. To create this experience, the marketer has to ensure that they do not just focus on SEO but also the other tools and techniques of digital marketing that can determine the success or failure of the website. Another thing that may work for the marketers is creating mobile-friendly content that leads within 5-10 seconds which leaves a positive impression on the user’s side.


Companies and businesses do not have to worry if all of the above-mentioned points can be done for free. SEO is a form of marketing that is totally free and organic. It is an on-page SEO type that helps the users to create content that is absolutely free and provides maximum assistance to the customers. 

What is SEO in Marketing

SEO for business growth 

SEO can help the business to grow in the following ways-

Utilizing keywords 

To begin with, a great start to SEO would be through the implementation of excellent and relevant keywords. For instance, you sell skincare products and have a website for the same. In this case, all your blogs, posts, articles, images should be related to skincare products. Using the right keywords and phrases will help the search engines to find a website easily and show it to the users. 

Good meta description

Meta-description is a 1 or 2 line sentence under the title that is clickable. When the description is clear and unique, users would love to visit it and stay on the page for a long time. The meta description should solve the problem of the users and give them an exact answer. 

Mobile-friendly website

A large number of users use their mobile phones for searching for different products and services as many of them do not have that idle time. Hence, the SEO developer has to ensure that they create a mobile-responsive website that includes all the features and various points required by the users. It should also have a great speed of loading otherwise the user might leave the site even before seeing it. 

Produce quality and optimized content

One thing that is very crucial in SEO is to create content of high quality with the perfect title, URLs, meta description, and other product or service features. Search engines look for new and fresh content that the users like and hence, the developers have to create something that is unique and works according to the trend. They should also ensure that regular changes and updates are made on the website. 

Improve website’s speed 

As we mentioned before, if the speed is low, users may leave the website soon and there are fewer chances of them visiting the website again. To avoid this problem, one has to make the website in such a way that the images and other content are of high quality but does not take a lot of space or time to load. 


SEO can be a difficult task to accomplish but with commitment and pure hard work, one can achieve it easily. Do not stay with the impression that it is a one-day thing. SEO takes a lot of time to develop and after constant hard work, anything and everything is possible. 

If you are still confused and believe that SEO is not your cup of tea then do not worry as we have got you the right agency that will complete all these tasks for you. And that is Cyber Dolphins, a digital marketing agency that provides all the necessary digital marketing tools and solutions to all your problems. 



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