What is Content Writing?



People love reading books be it fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or business related. All these books are written by popular authors who work hard to create and write great content. One such place where unique and creative writing works a lot is digital marketing. One of the techniques used in digital marketing is content writing. 

What is content writing?

It includes blogs, articles, posts, script for video and podcasts, and for text posts and captions on various social media channels. In fact, the article that you are reading right now is a part of content writing. So how can you start with a career in content writing? Don’t worry as we have got you covered with all the relevant content. Read on further to understand more about it.

Content Writing for Website 

Content writing is extremely important for your website but there are certain rules and principles that need to be followed in order to create the best content. 

Know Your Audience

Many times writers start writing content without even understanding their audience. Before drafting the content one has to first understand who their primary audience is and how they will find your content. The content should be written keeping in mind all the relevant keywords and it should be informative. When the content is well-written, the audience gets attracted to it.

Follow the Inverted Pyramid Model 

Web readers generally have short attention spans that will decide whether the content is relevant or not within a few seconds. Hence, you need to structure your content in an upside down cone model or like an inverted pyramid model. The most relevant information with the best keywords and writing should be on top followed by the rest of the content in an upside down cone manner. 

Write Brief Sentences

Lengthy sentences will never work in case of content writing. Hence, the article or content should be short and crisp with brief explanations of each and every concept or term. 

Stick to Active Voice 

Passive sentences will never attract the audience’s attention. Hence, the writers have to write sentences in an active voice. 

Avoid Jargons 

What if we write sentences with extremely tough words that you will have to open your dictionary or search every single word on the internet. It will be very boring right! So, try to avoid using tough words and keep it simple. 

Make Text Scannable 

Instead of using texts or heavy paragraphs, add bullets or numerical lists and write the content in pints accordingly. This allows the reader to understand the concept easily and provides them all the information. Always include white space as it makes it more legible and enjoyable to read. 

Layer Website Content 

A great feature of any website is that it’s easy to direct the readers from one page to the next. This will help you to keep the people engaged with your content and moving through your site. This increases the conversion rates of users into potential customers. 

Leave them Wanting More

Good websites and pages with strong CTA (Call to action) will help the writers to direct readers to other areas of your website and encourage them further to promote your content with their friends and family.

How to Write Content for Ads 

  • Get your basics sorted
  • Divide your target market 
  • Use powerful ideas 
  • Have a great ad headline 
  • Avoid overselling 

Where should I Publish Most of My Content 

  • Medium 
  • Reddit 
  • LinkedIn
  • Email 
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Quora
  • Instagram 

Writing Content As Per the App 

  • Know your audience
  • Forget long headlines
  • Use minimal visual content 
  • Make texts more clear and concise 
  • Write informative content 

Freelance Content Writers


Content writers can work either as full time employees in a company or digital marketing agency, or they can work as freelancers who do not have to work for anyone and are independent. 

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs : 

Web Content Writer 

A web content writer writes for the internet and the nature of their job could vary from writing content for websites that are selling a particular product or service. Web content writers need to research for relevant keywords and write the articles accordingly. The primary motive in this case is to increase traffic on the website. 

Technical Writer 

Technical writer’s job is to look for daunting technical terms and break them down into comprehensible information for their readers. The writer has to write guides, manuals, and more such relevant articles. 

Newspaper or Magazine Writer 

A newspaper or magazine writer has to write articles for a particular newspaper or magazine. They are assigned a particular column or section that needs to be researched properly along with current data and needs to be written unbiasedly. 

Ghost Writer 

The job of ghost writer is to write blogs, website pages, and ebooks but not in their own name. 

The Bottom Line

Content writing is a creative job and one that has passion to write and is interested in marketing can create effective content for digital marketing or any other source. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that no matter what the job is you cannot plagiarize. Use your own creative mind and write the best content as an employee of the company or as freelance writers. Companies need content writers to create effective content for their websites if they are conducting digital marketing. So either hire content writers or hire a digital marketing agency that provides the best content and helps you to increase traffic on your website. 

Written content not only assists the audience in engaging with and developing a relationship with a brand, but it also covers every aspect of a company. Your social media, website, and print marketing campaigns are all affected by content writing. You’re effectively upholding your brand by maintaining a certain look and voice.

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