Backlinks in SEO

Let us Understand the Types of SEO Backlinks

What are Backlinks in SEO?

In simple terms, backlinks are links on a website that will take you to another website. For example, you are reading about the top 20 books in the year 2023. The book’s title on the website is typically a link. It is highlighted in a different color than the rest of the text. This is so that people can differentiate between the text and the link. If you click on this blue (or another color) link, you will be taken to another website from which you can purchase this book or to the book’s official website.  If you are looking for experts in SEO then Cyber Dolphins is the one for you. At Cyber Dolphins, we give your business the digital wings it needs.

Why are the SEO Backlinks Important?

For Google, these backlinks are votes of confidence. Like your website validates (also supports) another site. If your website has a lot of backlinks, Google will tend to rank it higher. This is especially true if the backlinks on your website are from sources that Google trusts. For example, a backlink from the New York Times is better than some XYZ websites.

Backlinks can boost your rankings, improve your credibility, assist Google in finding new pages, and send traffic to your website from other sites. Along with Cyber Dolphins, let’s see each of these in detail.

Boosting your rankings

Seo ranking

According to Google, backlinks on your website are one of the important factors they use while ranking the websites. Since Google considers external links to be endorsements of a website or webpage, there is a direct correlation between websites with a lot of high-quality backlinks and better rankings.

There are many low-quality (spammy) backlinks available. But as we pointed out before, they just aren’t as effective as the ones that have great quality and hold relevance to your business.

Assist Google in finding new pages

Using backlinks helps Google find your content with ease. Google crawls a page to find all the links on it when it follows a backlink to it. So you should use a strategy for linking to your own pages. That is pages on your own website link to one another. This means that Google can follow a backlink to your site and then keep going to new pages on your site by following internal links. This is a key way for Google to figure out how your site is put together. 

Send Traffic to your Website

website traffic

Referral traffic refers to visitors who find your website by going through another website rather than searching for it directly on Google. The benefits of referral traffic are an increase in brand recognition, gaining new audiences, opportunities for newer, better leads, and improved authority from backlinks.

Users who are interested can find your site through new referral traffic. Which could bring in new clients.

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Types of SEO Backlinks

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Guest Blogging

If you send out your guest articles to a website which is established, then it is very crucial to include an editorial hyperlink to your own website. Almost any SEO strategy should include outreach for guest blogging. Search for reputable websites that offer these opportunities.

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial descriptions that include a link to your site as part of relevant, high-quality content are the best kind of backlinks. Backlinks from editorial sources is when your content (such as an article or infographic) is cited as the source of a particular piece of information. This is when a company representative is quoted, or when your site is included in a link roundup on a specific topic.

Backlinks From Webinars

When sites link to webinars (or the recordings of webinars), visitors can find a lot of useful information. Webinars are a common way for websites to promote their businesses and get the word out about the services they offer through links and mentions. You can get these backlinks by using methods similar to promoting blogs.

Business Profiles Backlinks

Most online profiles for businesses, such as those on business listing sites, social networks, industry directories, and review sites, allow you to add a link to your website (or websites). Inclusion in these directories is taken into account by search engines as evidence of a site’s longevity.

Free Tool Backlinks

Freeing a useful resource is a great way to attract attention and encourage backlinks, both of which can have a positive effect on SEO. You can do this in a variety of ways, from providing a free version of a commercial app to creating a simple but useful item, like a cost calculator that would be helpful to people working in your business.

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What kind of SEO Backlinks should be avoided?

Paid Links

How high your site will rank in search results depends a lot on how well-known it is among other legitimate, authoritative sites. Google warns that buying and selling links can harm a website’s visibility in search results. Buying links to boost your SEO ranking is not worth the money.

Poor-Quality or Irrelevant Directory Links

It might not be good for your SEO if you set up profiles in directories that cannot be trusted or not regarded as good (or if they aren’t relevant to your business). Many people on the website don’t like them and think of them to be spam.

Inferior-Quality Forum Backlinks

Forum posts relating to a single brand, especially those containing links, should be kept to serious discussion boards. It’s possible that those who try to spam these sites with links won’t achieve the results they want.


1. What are the three main areas of SEO?

The three main areas are 

  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  •  Off-page SEO. 

2. Is backlinking still relevant?

Yes. However, it’s always better to have multiple strategies.

3. Does Google care about backlinks?

Yes, Google tends to rank your website higher if it has good quality backlinks.

4. Can I get traffic on my website without backlinks?

Yes, it is possible. However, it can get very difficult and using backlinks is a good increase your site’s visibility