Top 5 Essential Website Optimization Strategies 1.1

Top 5 Essential Website Optimization Strategies


Digital marketing plays a major role in every individual’s life. Be it online shopping, payment of bills, or booking halls for events and parties; the internet is now accessible by every single person in the world. Hence, the businesses have to now come on the digital platform with unique ideas to stay ahead in the competition. 

Staying ahead just does not mean that the company has to create good quality products or manufacture the products in bulk quantity. Digital marketing is far more complex than we think it is. One of the main attractions is towards website optimization. Now lets understand it in brief.

What is Website Optimization?

The procedure of using tools, modern strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of the businesses’ website and further drive more traffic, grow revenue, and increase conversions is known as website optimization. By optimizing the website, one can not only fill an unfilled market in the most effective and efficient way but also open doors to more conversions and revenues. 

Now  that we have understood the meaning of website optimization, one thing is clear that our main focus should be on essential SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are certain plans and strategies that the company will have to adopt in order to work efficiently and effectively. 

We will talk about 5 essential website optimization strategies that will improve the sales and traffic of your website.

Practical SEO

SEO can now be an easy task due to all the tools that are available on the internet. Some find this task to be very difficult. The only thing to keep in mind is to use these tools efficiently and try to work with whatever is provided digitally. The few points that the company or the SEO manager has to keep in mind are-

  • Ensure that the website is mobile friendly as most of the users might use the website through their phones.
  • One has to check that there are no status code errors and rectify them if there is any problem.  
  • Check the site indexing via various tools that would measure the site’s traffic and performance. One such tool would be google search console. Again rectify the mistakes and correct them as soon as possible. 
  • Ensure that the tags and descriptions are free from plagiarism and repetition.
  • Inspect the content of your website. Check the traffic stats on web analytics tools. Google provides us with the google analytics that would track and report the traffic on the website. Understand this and make the changes accordingly.

Content Marketing

Website optimization is not possible without content marketing. Content marketing is publishing or advertising the content keeping in mind the preferences and likings of the customers and targeting only a particular group of audience who would help in increasing traffic and sales of the business. In order to fulfill this requirement one has to collect useful and informative content. Writing news articles or posting certain articles on social media, or writing articles on trending topics or new events. 

One thing that the company has to ensure is that they should update and improve the content regularly. A tip from our side would be to hire content writers who can create imaginative and creative articles and can contribute to the business effectively. 

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User experience

User experience also abbreviated as UX is an individual’s emotions, attitudes, and feelings about using a particular product or service. The system could be a website or web application and is generally denoted by some form of human computer interaction. Some of the factors that influence user experience are-

  • Content should be useful and unique.
  • Websites should be easy to navigate.
  • The brand should evoke emotions and appreciation and design should be unique and different from other content or websites. 
  • Amalgamate design and way find elements to make it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Content should be accessible to everyone. The company should create a website ADA compliant. So that it can be useful for both abled and disabled populations. 
  • The people should have a trust in the website i.e. it should be credible.
  • The website needs to provide value in terms of experience and give assurance to the company in terms of ROI (Return On Investment).

Link construction

Links have been a powerful tool that helps in building the customer base and is the most top ranking factor for quite some time. The company has to follow some link building strategies for website optimization-

  • Utilize resource pages that is a website which provides valuable information for a specific topic. 
  • Use the tactic of broken link building wherein the company has to find the resources that are no longer in existence and then recreate a new version of that content and ask the webmasters to replace the broken link with a newer version.
  • Claiming unlinked mentions is another strategy that can be adopted for link construction.

Mobile friendly

Lastly, the website that the company is creating should be mobile friendly. One has to keep this strategy in mind for website optimization. Most of the users like to search for a website while they are on the go rather than searching on laptops or tablets. Hence, the website should be built in such a way that the website works more efficiently on the mobile and does not load slowly. Create content that would fit in a laptop as well as on a mobile device. Avoiding pop ups that would cover the website’s content and annoy the visitors from getting the information is mandatory. 

The bottom line

Smart digital marketers would definitely keep these points in mind. So Whenever they create a new website, all of the points would be taken into consideration. The strategies would help the business in improving the website optimization or create a new one. We hope that these points help you in building your website and improve the sales of the company. For more guidance related to this topic you can contact Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd.