The secret to LinkedIn automation for your business growth


A lack of knowledge and blaming time. However, LinkedIn automation tools and resources can clarify the guide generation procedure. With all the available tools, you are required to identify the features that will best fit your unique growth strategies. Here are some great tools to explore:


A castanet is a great tool for business-to-business strategy. The software matches you with the profiles of users based on executive interests and associations. It works in the background, so you don’t have to spend your time searching for certified prospects. Rather, you’ll get an audience who is interested in learning more about what your business offers. They are ready to take action urgently. Hence, the app has generated 2.7 million new business 2 business connections for its users.


Posting pleasant and relevant content is a useful way to grow your following. The trick is to find the time and recall to do it. Here are some benefits which you can get through ZAPIER:-

you didn’t have to remember the entry of a new post or blog.

Or you do not have to find time to share events with your company’s followers.

 Zapier will do all of this for you. Once you set up workflows, Zapier syncs your activity on the app. Zapier makes sure events are also posted to your LinkedIn account. 


LinkedIn has introduced an advanced tool for finding leads. Sales Navigator customizes its suggestions and lets you fragment prospects. The aim of the tool is too experienced LinkedIn users, who already know the platform’s whole picture. If this sounds discouraging, you can try it for free before you buy it for 30 days. During that time, experimenting with spontaneously saving leads to your customer relationship management application.


If you’re an advertisement agency with many LinkedIn accounts. Expandi helps you in managing everything from one appropriate dashboard. It sends requests to the connections and messages to leads, but not all at once. Since Expandi is a cloud-based tool, it can be constructed to find LinkedIn leads from profiles and activities on Facebook and Twitter. A committed IP address and customized images round out a list of magnificent features.


Who posts frequently on LinkedIn, gets rewarded. If the information is relevant, that your followers find interesting, posting this often can increase your engagement levels. However, Lempod is another way to get your content reach to people. You can join groups that match your interest. Once you post content, everyone in the group will automatically like and comment on it. Content with more likes and comments has a better chance of getting a higher reach. It can be trending, which means more profile views and connections.


Dux-Soup is very easy to use and is very popular. It’s so easy that most people who are new to LinkedIn marketing will find it very easy. Dux-Soup robotizes profile visits, messages, new connections and skill recommendations. You can also collect information about leads from profiles and transfer it to your customer relationship management. Since Dux-Soup is a Chrome addition, if you do not open LinkedIn in the browser, it will not work. 


For premium LinkedIn users, Zopto can raise the forefront generation game. Sales teams can find people with reference to job title, industry, and location with the help of sophisticated filtering features. It also includes InMail messages, A/B testing, and describing features. Hence Zopto helps you to look after how your different operations are performing on a live dashboard.


We-Connect is a cloud-based tool that works on adding more and more  leads to your LinkedIn network. It accomplishes all the three main functions of lead generation i.e. prospecting, nurturing and converting. Hence you can use We-Connect to manage multiple operations and engage with different prospects from a single dashboard. We-Connect is a good feature for marketers and recruiters. For more information, you can contact Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd.