Rapid rise of digital marketing

The Rapid Rise Of Digital Marketing



In the 80’s era, the concept of digital marketing was not known in the business field. Wealthy marketers would conduct the advertising campaigns through traditional marketing techniques that involved television ads, printing on banners and billboards, and publishing in newspapers. Small business people that could not afford big billboards and expensive ads did not have any other means of advertising or communication with the customers.  Although this technique is used to date, there is something new that we had come up with in the 90s. 

The word digital marketing came into existence and the market flourished as people started using electronic media and digital platforms to promote their products and services. The growth of small and medium scale businesses started increasing and the revenues took a high speed and shot up. Since then, digital marketing has become the option for most local businesses to promote and advertise their products. But what exactly is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?


It is the process of advertising the products or services of a company or organization digitally or electronically. A wide number of digital channels are used to promote these products and services. They include search engines, websites, email, social media, and mobile apps. These tools help the companies to increase the traffic of their business and improve the sales of the company. 

Digital marketing has several benefits that make it so successful. So let us learn the benefits of digital marketing a little bit in detail.

Benefits of digital marketing


Global reach


The first and most important benefit of digital marketing is that one can promote their products in numerous parts of the world. This helps in contracting and building relations with customers outside your vicinity and providing them the best services. This in turn increases the traffic on your website and improves the sales of your business. 

Low cost


It is a cost-effective technique as the business can narrow down potential customers and only target or promote their products to them. This is beneficial for both the business as well as the users. The users do not have to go through constant advertising as they are not interested, and the marketer can also focus on the target audience effectively. 

Measurable results


The marketer can measure the results of its business, i.e if the traffic of the business is increasing, the marketer can analyze the growth with various online web analytic tools. This helps the marketer to understand whether the business is established at a good rate or not and also provides them an idea of the changes and alterations that they need to make in their marketing campaigns. With the help of various online metric tools, the marketer can obtain detailed information about how customers use the website. 



In the case of database linking, the business person can address the audience with targeted offers. The only thing to be done is to link the audience with the website. The more they would buy from the company, the more refined would be the customer profile and help the marketer to promote the business effectively. This would also help the business person to build relations with their customers and improve the growth of the business.

Rapid rise of digital marketing



Social media is a great tool for effective communication between the business person and the audience. Hence, by the use of social media, one can create customer loyalty and build a reputation for being easy to engage with. The marketers have to ensure that they keep with the various trends and changes and adapt them efficiently. 

Social currency


Content marketing is a useful tactic when it comes to gaining social currency. The content that a marketer would create in the form of images, videos, and articles can be posted on various social media platforms. If the content is unique and different, there are high chances of it going viral which will help the marketer to gain profit. The most important point is to create relevant content and move ahead with the trends and changes. 

Improved changing rate


The last benefit of digital marketing that we mentioned before is that it helps in converting the users of the website into potential customers. Compared to the traditional form of marketing where the owner has to convince the customer for almost an hour, digital marketing becomes more easier and effective.

Therefore, digital marketing has various advantages that can prove to be effective in the long run. The above-mentioned points are also a reason why there is a rapid rise in the field of online marketing. So now what techniques would you exactly use to rapidly grow your digital marketing presence?

Tactics for the rapid growth of digital marketing


We would like to talk about the 3 most important digital marketing tactics-

Execute SEO 


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to grow any business. It is the process of improving a website so that it is visible on the search engine results pages. The results are generally visible within a few months depending on the content or the competition.

Organize a PPC campaign


Pay-per-click (PPC) is another tactic that involves a paid form of advertising. These campaigns help in attracting website traffic and creating a customer base. Although it is a paid form of promotion, it is still very cost-effective and helps the business person to focus on the targeted audience. 

Create a blog


Content writing becomes essential in digital marketing that helps in building the company and earning more profit. The important point is to write relevant and quality content. 

The bottom line


It is estimated that digital marketing would earn around 105 crores by the end of 2025. So, digital marketing would have a comparatively higher growth rate. It is the dream of marketers to come on the digital platform and create a strong customer base online. Cyber Dolphins is one company that is living the dream, working hard to be successful, and striving towards its goal of ultimate perfection in the field of digital marketing. 

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