Strategy Application and Maintenance

This is the second step in our workflow where your onboarding process takes place. This is also the place where our Cyber Pod gets to do what they do the best. They will start creating and fixing things for you as per the strategy that we will have discussed in the earlier step. In other words, this is where we build your brand image on the digital platform. Here is the list of services that you will be provided during this process.


Web Design and Web Development

Undeniably, one of the very first things visitors observe is the website, its colors, design and functionality and hence, it becomes crucial to ace this part. To cater to this requirement, we have a team of graphic designers, logo designers, and the best website designers who are highly experienced and with brilliant portfolios.



Development and technology

It’s history, when people could grow their business without having an online presence. Today, it’s imperative to have a website developed to supplement the business growth. A badly developed website, full of errors, will not only result in the company losing potential clients and business, the search engine will also not rank a website that has relevant visitors bouncing right off of it.



Content creation

Irrespective of the industry, it is important to create content whether it’s in the form of descriptive blogs, articles, graphics or even detailed, lengthy videos on your subject. The search engine appreciates when the visitors are engaged and provided value. The visitors are also given the impression that you know your subject better than anyone. Hence, increasing reliability and brand credibility.



Social Media Optimization

People take to social media to “chill”. There exists a high probability of your audience noticing your brand while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram/ Facebook. Hence, catching them off guard while their minds are less chaotic. That’s why brands are investing a lot on social media these days.



Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization? Optimizing the website so the search engine can recognize it and increase its SERP rank for the relevant keywords. The search engine has a number of parameters based on which the website’s rank is determined. If the SEO is done correctly, the search engine begins recommending the website to the users entering the similar keywords.



Digital Branding Strategy

Brand identity is basically your brand personality. It communicates who you are, what you stand for, what your brand stands for. It makes the brand stand out, relatable to the audience. It gives the brand authority in its niche, making it easier for the audience to connect and engage with the brand.



Software Development

Man labour proving to be expensive and yet, not all that efficient?

Well, congratulations in that case! We have that covered too. We have some exceptionally talented software developers who will device a software solution that will be inexpensive as well as be efficient.



Application Development

 We at Cyber Dolphins, prioritize projects, prioritize clients.
Hence, we have observed and understood that business owners do consider having applications for products and services. We have the best app developers with years of experience, on board to cater to this business requirement.


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