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Social Media Content Ideas For Creators

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In this day and age, it is impossible not to have heard of social media sites/apps. From Facebook to Instagram, these apps are addicting, easy to use, and entertaining. Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages, and social media is no exception. Disadvantages like contributor to social isolation, online bullying, comparison, and a false idea of friendship are to name a few. 

However, social media is very important. It is used by billions of people to share information and develop connections. For businesses, social media can be used to get new customers, gain popularity, and create a good online presence. This is because you will reach a larger audience and create organic content. Content can be in the form of photos, videos, blogs, etc. Ah! That reminds us if you would like to read more such informative blogs, check out our website, Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd.


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Social Media Content

A digital content creator is expected to multitask and handle multiple social media profiles, keeping them up to date with new posts. The followers want fresh content, so you have to constantly keep pushing out new content. Being a social media content creator is difficult. And if you ever recycle your post, the followers become disinterested. We get it; it’s tough. 

This is exactly why brands need to have some ingenious social media hacks up their sleeves. So we have collected social media ideas for businesses both big and small. As a social media content creator, confusion over what content to post next may arise. We at Cyber Dolphins hope to be able to assist you. Let’s see some ideas for social media content creation.

Social Media Content Creation Ideas

social media content creation
Planning social media posts for every day of the week

Your social media should have the appearance and feel of an event rather than a list of things. Social media content creation should be done in a way that is interesting and engaging. To regularly engage with your fans and followers, you can start a series for the weekday. By doing this, your followers will develop a habit of anticipating the specific content from your brand if you consistently share relevant content.  

Building a regular schedule shows your audience what to expect along with offering something to look forward to. Additionally, it also gives you a template for your team to use, making production relatively simple and quick. Let us give you an example of what to post from Monday to Sunday.


Help your followers start the week on a great note with some inspiration for Monday. You can share an inspirational quote or video that will resonate with your followers and your company. Scare away the Monday blues for everyone with a positive start to the week.


Tuesday’s are for evolution Tuesday. Today you can post about how you have helped in the evolution of the customers. For example, at Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd., we help you completely transform your business’s digital presence and make it shine brighter than ever before. So we can share pictures and videos of the evolution of the business with our help. 


Everyone loves a good laugh. Wednesday comes with an opportunity to give your followers a much-needed midweek laugh. This could be a meme, a funny video, or anything!


Thursdays are for informing and updating your users with helpful tips and tricks. These can be tips relating to what your company is about. Like if your business is a restaurant/ bakery you can post tips regarding how to make macarons, quick 5-minute dessert recipes, etc. 


Friday is for interacting with your audience. Post something engaging and fun that gives your followers something with which to interact. An Instagram content creator can include CTA in their caption or a sticker on Instagram to get their followers interested.


Staying on track with the weekend trend, Saturday is for some lighthearted entertaining content. You can post about how your brand can enjoy their time off during the weekend with your products. 


There is a very popular hashtag called #SelfcareSunday. Encourage your audience to unwind, reflect, and use this hashtag to do just that. Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes. This includes you. 

Asking your audience questions 

Asking questions to your audience is a sure way of boosting engagement. For example, if you are an Instagram content creator, you can use question stickers in stories. Or you can also ask them questions in a caption. 

Share influencer content 

You can consider working with influencers for social media content creation that is sponsored or collaborative. How do you find the right influencers? The number one thing to keep an eye out for is authenticity. Search for influencers who share a similar audience base like yours. Additionally, if any of the influencers or social media content creators have made a video/post mentioning your brand, ask them if you can re-share the content on your brand’s profile. This is a simple way for showing your audience who else enjoys your brand. 

Supporting a cause 

While doing social media content creation, you can demonstrate your brand’s values by posting about a cause you support. For example, the Instagram content creator for Nike has previously posted about how Nike stands against racism and supports equal pay. 

Running a contest or giveaway

As a digital content creator, you must have come across these giveaways and contests. These are the most impactful social media activities when it comes to great engagement from followers. Sweepstakes are the most popular kind of contest, and when brands use them, they add about 17,500 new followers. You do not need a very large following base to host this contest and don’t need a third-party solution either. All you need is the following:

Something to give away

Ideally, there should be a prize for winning the contest. This prize can be something related to your brand. For example, if we at Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd. were to hold a contest our gift would be something like 50% off on our services. Unrelated gifts and services won’t translate into long-term followers

Terms and conditions

In order to protect your company, terms and conditions are crucial for your contest. You can search online for exactly what legal terms and points you need to host a contest. This will also make your contest look legitimate and not like a scam. As a social media content creator, you should design your contest perfectly, including all the above points, for it to be a success.

A point of contact

People are always eager to win free gifts and will be excited to participate. But they will also have a lot of concerns or questions regarding this contest. As a social media content creator, on your terms and conditions page, leave an email where people can ask their queries regarding the contest. 

A way to enter

The best way to encourage entries is to ask your followers to post about your brand on social media, whether you use user-generated content or a branded hashtag. This is because the purpose of a giveaway is brand awareness, not just giving away free stuff.

Also, hashtags are the simplest way to keep track of entering your contest for free. You don’t need to continuously run the contests week after week to reap the benefits. These competitions can not only help you gain more followers but are also a great idea for any campaigns you want to improve, such as any of your new product launches.

Hosting an AMA

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything,” which gives you an amazing opportunity to educate as well as engage with your followers. AMA’s are Q&A sessions where you get a chance to share your experience, knowledge, and insights. A digital content creator can include success stories and personal challenges that can be compelling for both the audiences and brands.