August 2020
Sugar and Sin



To establish an aesthetically pleasing website with a strong social media presence.



Sugar and Sin is a bakery with various branches in India. In a very short span of time, Sugar and Sin has increased its customer loyalty to a great extent because of its rich variety of flavors and amazing customer service. They are collectively concentrating their energies on the further expansion of their bakery. They have a hardworking team consisting of an extremely talented team of pastry chefs and an organized board of directors. Their dedicated team has been sharing and debating over the tastes with the quality-demanding food experts in the quest for a unique experience. They have created a stable company, putting great emphasis on building and sustaining warm relationships with their business partners and customers.

Sugar and Sins



Sugar and Sin had a very large offline presence but their online presence wasn’t that strong, therefore we had to revamp the entire website, build and maintain an active social media presence, create new graphics and themes suiting a bakery, and much more. We carried out all these challenges brilliantly and produced remarkable results in a short period of time.

Our Strategy

S Sugar and Sin was a special challenge for us, hence we had to take an interesting and multipronged approach while forming their digital marketing strategy. We decided to establish an online presence by giving information in a succinct and beauteous way, in order to attract the customers and catch their attention towards the wide variety of choices. Following is the breakdown of our strategy:

01. Aesthetic, succinct website:

While developing the website, we made sure to keep aesthetics a priority as it was a website for a bakery, hence it had to be eye-catching and informative as well. We made sure to provide all the necessary information which also included the inspiring journey of the rise of Sugar and Sin. All the color themes and graphic designs were made keeping in mind the logo of the brand and we made sure that they blended beautifully into the website. While giving enough attention to aesthetics, we also balanced it out with a good user experience and ensured the site was easy to navigate. Our website helped in boosting their sales.

02. Active and attractive social media presence:

Building a social media presence for a bakery was not exactly a “cakewalk” but we did our best and our efforts bore remarkable success. Our attractive captions, special strategy for the usage of hashtags, aesthetically pleasing posts, and staying updated with the latest trends helped in establishing a strong social media presence for Sugar and Sin.

03. Search Engine Optimization:

Our search engine optimization services were quite effective in the first few months and their web traffic increased to a great extent in the later months. Our keyword research and high-quality content helped in the better ranking of the website.

04. Statistics:

Chart showing the increase in website traffic after re-innovation by Cyber Dolphins:

Before and After(Sugar and Sin)

Graph showing the growth rate of website traffic due to our SEO services in 2020:

increase in website traffic(Sugar and Sin)