January 2020
Indian Restaurant
Shiva - Shakti


To create a user-friendly website with an amazing and attractive social media presence.



Shiva Shakti is an Indian restaurant with a focus on authenticity. Shiva Shakti has been in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for more than two decades, accumulating a rich and flourishing legacy. It is one of Cambodia’s oldest & most Indian Restaurants. From serving the Late King His Majesty Sihanouk of Cambodia to Hollywood Stars like Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton, Shiva Shakti continues to gather positive recommendations throughout the years. One can enjoy the most authentic Indian food and have a unique experience every time they dine in at Shiva Shakti.

The Challenge


Shiva Shakti had been a leader in the restaurant industry for a long period of time but wasn’t able to capitalize on the digital market. The major challenge in front of us was to build everything from scratch and establish an amazing social media presence along with a user-friendly website. We took this challenge with a lot of enthusiasm and our efforts bore results due to our effective and efficient digital marketing strategies.

Our Strategy


After various brainstorming sessions, we decided to create a well-thought, modern, and interesting digital strategy that helped in raising their brand awareness and also increased their business partnerships. Following is the breakdown of our strategy:

01. Interesting website:

Our major objective was to eliminate the monotony for the user while navigating the website and make it as interesting and easy-to-navigate as possible. We made sure to highlight the specialty of the restaurant and what made it stand out in such a crowded industry. The customizable events section earned a lot of praise from the visitors as it provided a user-friendly experience. The most important feature of the website was the “Book A Table” option wherein people could book a table online and save their time without any hassle. We made an extremely aesthetically pleasing website with various amazing features to enhance the user experience. We also created a gallery to highlight the past and presiding glory of the restaurant and also mentioned the sanitation measures that are being taken including QR codes for menus or to book a table.

02. Active Social Media Presence:

Our social media strategy was quite simple and straightforward yet effective for Shiva Shakti. We made sure to remain regular and punctual with our posts and make use of the hashtags in the best way possible. Our social media marketing strategies worked quite brilliantly with the help of the brand name of Shiva Shakti. We also made sure that our posts and captions were original, innovative, and had that cultural relatability for our audiences.

03. Search engine optimization:

Our SEO services played a significant role in making the rankings of the website much better. We gave attention to both on-page factors and off-page factors. These included: meta tags, H1 tags, anchor tags, page speed, inter-connection, content writing, content syndication, link creation, guest posts, etc. Our excellent SEO strategy worked quite well and showed remarkable results within the first few months.

05. Statistics:

Chart showing the percentage increase in the conversion rate before and after establishing an online presence:

Graph showing the effectiveness of our SEO services in 2020:

increase in website traffic(shiva-shakti)