March 2021
Leather Products
RP Comtrade


To establish a strong online presence through a website and attractive social media content.



R P Comtrade has experience of 42 years in leather products. Their major areas are the distribution of beans & pulses, import & export, mainly commodities & spices, manufacture of industrial leather gloves, and restaurants. Their key focus is manufacturing and exporting top-notch leather products to maintain safety in the industry during various dangerous chores. The products are made with the best quality leather and they do not compromise on using the best materials for any particular product. They believe that customer satisfaction is the top priority. Their work culture and values are created in such a way that both customers and employees are satisfied and the business goes in smoothly and efficiently.

The Challenge


Since RP ComTrade had a lot of activities to be mentioned, their website had to be quite descriptive. However, a major challenge was to maintain the aesthetics while providing descriptive content for the website. Apart from that establishing a social media presence for leather products was a challenge in itself, as we had to make sure the content doesn’t become monotonous and excites the viewer as well.

RP Case study

Our Strategy


After various brainstorming sessions with our web developers, we decided on an outline for a website that was aesthetically pleasing and informative as well. For social media optimization, our team decided to follow a simple, sincere, and regular strategy. Following is the breakdown of our digital strategy:

01. Informative and attractive website:

Our team did a fantastic job with the RP ComTrade website. It is definitely one of the finest works we have done. The interesting home page loading style, transitions, catchy descriptions, it has everything required for a good user experience. The website is extremely easy-to-navigate and extremely well organized. The business network graphic was just one of the displays of our out-of-the-box thinking. The website received a lot of praise from the audiences.

02. Active Active social media presence:

Our simple social media strategy worked quite well, as it helped RP ComTrade in gaining new business partners and forming new relationships in various other fields, which will help them in diversifying their portfolio in the future. Our extremely appealing and catchy captions have helped a lot in gaining new followers.

03. Effective search engine optimization:

Our SEO strategies and executions have always been on point and effective. Our team of experts knows how to utilize quality backlinks, internal and external factors, interesting content, and everything else for better search rankings. Our SEO helped RP ComTrade gather a huge amount of website traffic and increased their sales as well.

04. Statistics:

Graph showing the growth of leads and partnerships since the development of their website:

increase in website traffic(RPComtrade1)

Chart showing the growth in website traffic due to our SEO:

increase in website traffic(RPComtrade1)