September 2020
Import, Export, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service
P L Global Impex Pte. Ltd.


T To revamp the entire website and devise effective SEO strategies for a strong online presence.



P.L. Global is an international trading firm based in Singapore. Aside from Import and Export, P.L. Global is involved with numerous infrastructure-based projects, several distribution networks, and various service-sector businesses. Be it agro-commodities, trading, and distribution, service sectors, or manufacturing business, P.L Global Impex Pte Ltd has paved the way to success in all of these fields. The company focuses on the central concept of “bringing the world together” by dispersing surplus resources around the globe.




Although PL Global has been on the market for more than 80 years, its digital presence was quite weak. Their website was static and laden with text. Moreover, it also didn’t have any social media presence. So our big challenge here was to revamp the website completely and increase brand awareness through our efficient, effective, and excellent digital marketing techniques and strategies.

Our Strategy


We decided to form a well-structured and well-planned digital strategy for PL Global which helped them in increasing their brand awareness and increased their business collaborations as well. The breakdown of our strategy is as follows:

01. User-friendly website:

Our major objective was to form a user-friendly website that was aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate as well. We created different pages for different services to give it a more organized look. Since their logo is blue, we decided to keep it as the main color theme to maintain aesthetics and uniform branding so that it is easier on the eyes of the user. We even managed to successfully balance the text with designs and themes without eliminating any relevant information.

02. Active Social Media Presence:

The entire social media presence was built from scratch. Right from the captions to the social media optimization strategies, we did everything to perfection. As a result, it helped PL Global get in touch with various multinational corporations, especially in south-east Asia. Our major objective was to remain modern, relevant, regular, relatable, and as informative as possible.

03. Graphic designing:

Be it the website or creating posts for social media, enhancing the blogs, or forming layouts for re-branding, our cyberpods delivered the best design possible. All the graphic designs were formed keeping in mind the essence and the great stature of PL Global. We also made sure that the designs were beauteous but not overpowering the simplicity of the content.

04. Search engine optimization:

Our search engine optimization techniques were quite effective as they increased the traffic on PL Global’s website to a great extent. The idea to make use of relevant and popular keywords and create efficient backlinks to increase the ranking of PL Global on various search engines worked perfectly.


Chart showing the percentage increase in the conversion rate of leads into sales of PL Global:

Plg portfolio

Graph depicting the percentage growth in the web traffic of PL  due to our SEO :