June 2020


T To establish a strong all-around digital presence and an active social media network.



MGH firmly believes in connecting the world with reliable distribution with a foundation of performance, trust & teamwork making them the leading specialists in the world of distribution. Their product range includes a diverse variety of goods that they deliver from all around the globe. They import world-class quality products and make it easier for businesses to operate without any hassle. They take great pride in offering the customers the highest levels of service with more than 25 years of distribution experience. They distribute their goods to the farthest parts of Myanmar for food, non-food, hardware, lubricants & textiles. The partners are from countries like India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malta, UAE, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many more.


The Challenge


The major challenge was to revamp the entire website and place all information in an organized manner and increase the website traffic via effective search engine optimization strategies. Another challenge was to establish a strong social media presence for MGH with the help of innovative social media strategies.


Our Strategy


Our strategy for MGH was unique and quite effective as well. We made sure that the website was extremely organized and had an aesthetic appeal as well. The social media strategy was simple, straightforward, and efficient. Following is the breakdown of our digital strategy:

01. Organized website:

We revamped the entire MGH website. We made sure that the website was extremely organized and all information was placed in proper placeholders. Along with that, we made sure that all popular brands and partners were highlighted on the website. The vision and values of the company were given special importance. Apart from that, our informative and trending blogs really helped in increasing the website traffic. Since MGH has a diversified portfolio, our developers decided to give every field a separate page in order to give a systematic outlook to the website and enhance the user experience.

02. Active Social Media Presence:

Our social media strategies were simple and straightforward. Thanks to our amazing, skillful graphic designers, we were able to create captivating and aesthetically pleasing posts. On top of that, our eye-catching, trending, and relatable captions gave a boost to our beauteous posts. Our social media strategies helped them in forming various new partnerships with multinational giants.

03. Effective search engine optimization:

Our search engine optimization skills are definitely one of the best in the business. Our team did amazing work and within the first few months, the website’s ranking got better. Through our better understanding of the target market, we developed a strategic, data-driven SEO strategy for MGH.

04. Statistics:

Graph showing the increase in sales since the revampment of their website:

Before and after(MGH)

Chart showing the increase in website traffic due to our SEO:

increase in website traffic(MGH)