February 2020
Corriander Leaf


To create an aesthetic and informative website from scratch and increase reach through social media.



Fire & Ice Group, also located in Yangon, Myanmar, caters to a different group of clients in Yangon. With the slogan “The Hot Place To Chill”, the upcoming generation can’t get enough of it. With Open-Mic stages, games, sports, singing facilities, and more, Fire & Ice appeals to a younger crowd with a variety of food options including Indian, Thai, Chinese & Myanmar cuisines. One can have an office party, or enjoy their kid’s birthday party with joy and happiness and a group of friends can come here to sing at karaoke and unleash the hidden singer within them. A contemporary world cuisine & lounge concept which brings all your dietary cravings to one place! With its incorporation this year, there are already 2 outlets fully operational with a variety of facilities and choices for its loyal family.

The Challenge


Fire & Ice is an extremely popular restaurant with various facilities to impress its customers but it didn’t have a very strong digital presence. After various auditing and consulting sessions, we decided to make everything from scratch. The major challenge was to maintain the aestheticism in their online presence and provide enough information about various features of the restaurant in order to remain relevant.

FI Case study

Our Strategy


Our digital strategy for Fire & Ice was straightforward and to the point. It helped us in increasing their brand value and brand awareness as well. Following is the breakdown of our strategy:

01. Informative and interesting website:

While forming the website, we were pretty sure about our objective. Our designers worked really hard to bring that objective to reality and formed an aesthetically pleasing website. The specific details about the catering and karaoke section at the restaurant were displayed in an interesting manner. We also kept in mind that the user’s experience is not hampered and the site is easy to navigate. The color theme and graphics were chosen keeping in mind the theme of the restaurant. Our website received a lot of praise and recognition from everyone and increased their sales as well.

02. Active social media presence:

Our social media marketing strategies were far-sighted and proved to be extremely effective. Our regularity, originality, and relatability were the major factors for the remarkable success of our social media presence. We made sure that our captions were catchy and the hashtags were extremely relevant, in order to maximize the reach. We used the various features of the restaurant to create interactive social media posts.

03. Search engine optimization:

Our team made sure that the website was optimized properly and had relevant keywords. All SEO factors such as link building, mapping keywords, master keyword research, boosting link equity, etc. were taken care of and proved quite effective.

04. Graphic Design:

Our expert designers made amazing, eye-catching, and relatable social media posts, web design templates, and other graphic designs, themes, and templates. Designers used typography and photographs by applying visual hierarchy and page layout strategies to satisfy the unique needs of users and focus on the logic of presenting elements in interactive designs to improve the user experience.

05. Statistics:

Chart showing the growth in web traffic since the revamping of the website:

Before and after(F&I)

Increase in website traffic over the months due to our SEO services in 2020 :

increase in website traffic(F&I)