February 2020
Corriander Leaf


To create an approachable website and create and implement strategies for content marketing.



The Corriander Leaf is an Indian Fine-Dining restaurant located in Yangon, Myanmar. It was established in 2011. The Corriander Leaf offers the perfect blend of an irresistible menu stirred with innovative recipes and seasoned with the fresh and alluring flavors of traditional Indian Spices. The Corriander Leaf is the ideal place for intimate soirees, individual dinners, family functions, or large corporate events with comfortable seating, private dining rooms, ballrooms, and a modern decor theme. The Corriander Leaf also provides catering services and the royal “Corriander Leaf” banquet hall for exclusive events. That is why The Corriander Leaf provides the true “Indian Fine-Dining Experience.”

The Challenge


Corriander Leaf had been in the restaurant business for more than a decade, they did not have an online presence. Our major challenge was that we had to build everything from scratch and increase the brand visibility on the digital market. So, we launched their social media accounts and created an aesthetically pleasing website to increase their brand awareness through our modern and magnificent digital marketing strategies.

Corriander Leaf Case Study

Our Strategy


We had various brainstorming sessions and eventually formulated an efficacious, efficient, and exemplary digital marketing strategy for Corriander Leaf. It helped them increase their sales and their brand visibility as well. The breakdown of our strategy is as follows:

01. Approachable website:

Our major objective while forming the website was to make sure that it is approachable, informative, and attractive that provided an affable experience to the user. Since Corriander Leaf offers various services, we created separate pages for separate services to give it a more organized and professional look. In order to make the user experience hassle-free, we included the book a table option through which customers can reserve their table in advance on the website and save time.

02. Active Social Media campaign:

Our social media optimization techniques worked pretty well for Corriander Leaf as it increased their lead generation. Our posts were appealing and captivating posts along with our catchy captions received quite a good response. Our sincerity, regularity, and modern approach while forming strategies worked perfectly.

03. Search engine optimization:

Our SEO team was involved right from the beginning of the website creation process. Our extensive research about relevant and prominent keywords and the ability to create important backlinks worked brilliantly. The result of the search engine optimization techniques started reflecting within the first few months as it increased the web traffic to a great extent.

04. Content marketing:

We prioritize quality in our content and made sure that it complied with our SEO and social media marketing strategies. Our appealing blogs about various dishes, amazing captions, and informative content on the website increased the conversion rate to a great extent. Our content marketing strategy supported the restaurant brand’s message by creating and sharing relevant content.

05. Statistics:

Chart showing the percentage increase in leads and partnerships:

Corriander Leaf Case study

Graph showing the growth rate of SEO done by Cyber Dolphins:

Corriander Leaf Case study