How to Identify Best Local SEO Services

How to Identify Best Local SEO Services

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization”. In simple terms, it’s the process of making changes to your website to make it more visible on Google, Bing, and other search engines. This is especially true when people search for products or any services connected to your business. 

Bots are used by Google and Bing, among others, to “crawl” the web and compile data about websites for indexing purposes. After indexing the pages, algorithms look at hundreds of ranking factors, or signals. This is to determine the right order for those pages to appear in the search results for a given query.

However, unlike paid search ads, organic search rankings require work from search engine optimization (SEO) specialists because you can’t buy them. This is why you need experts in SEO, and Cyber Dolphins are those experts and more. We bring to you the ease of great digital marketing and solutions to give your digital dreams the wings they need. 

What is Local SEO?

You need to use local search engine optimization (SEO) to get more foot traffic, views, and attention in your area. Standard practices include making your Google My Business page better, researching the right local keywords, and making content that is specific to your area. 

To get the most out of local SEO, a company must either have a physical location in a specific area or serve customers from that location. In fact, more than 30% of Google searches are related to location. That’s a lot of searches—a billion per day. Thus, using local SEO, you can boost your company’s visibility in these search results.

How does Local SEO work?

Other than the usual Google ranking factors, the Local SEO algorithm uses three more factors for the perfect match. The three factors are Relevance, Distance, and Importance.

After entering the search query, Google will display two sets of results. Those are the local pack results and the organic packs. 

The organic results are the blue links that we’re all used to seeing when we search on Google. On the other hand, the local pack is a Google feature that tells us the top local business listings along with a map.

 For example, if you Google “Best Thai restaurants near me,” Google will show you the top local restaurants. It will also show a map to get there. This is followed by the normal blue links (organic search) below. 

But even if you search “Thai restaurant” without mentioning a location or “near me,” Google will still show you a list of restaurants close to your office, house, or wherever you are currently.

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Local SEO Strategies

Optimize for Google My Business

Google My Business

Google has a commitment to and pride in its own content. Hence, Google My Business is a great way to tailor your company’s efforts to the search engine’s specifications. If Google is able to confirm that your company is legitimate, it may give you preferential treatment in the search engine’s local results.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is when you use keywords that are related to your product or service on your website and in your ads. This chiefly helps you get to the top of the search engine results page. To figure out which keywords your business should be focusing on, you need to do keyword research the right way.

Refine your citation and online directory profiles

Firstly, check that your citations are the same and complete across all four of these data aggregators to get the most out of them. Misspellings, abbreviations, the wrong suite number, and the wrong phone numbers are all potential sources of confusion. Consequently, Google may not list your company at all if it has trouble determining which details about it to use in search results.

Check Your Local SEO Performance


Search engine optimization (SEO) requires patience and keen observation. Instead of stopping there or randomly making changes to see what works, it is preferable to conduct a thorough audit. This is to determine the current state of your website and the areas in which it is lacking.

On-Page optimization by internal linking structure

Even though links from other sites to yours are best, you can also improve your SEO rankings by changing how your site links to itself. Hence, internal links can make a website easier to use, improve its information architecture and hierarchy, and spread ranking power more evenly.

Enhance URL, title tags, headers, content, and meta description

Optimizing content for search engines is an ongoing process that involves putting high-traffic keywords in strategic places in the URL, title, header, meta description, and body of each new piece of content. Accordingly, feature customer success stories and case studies if you’re struggling to think of geo-targeted content.

How to Identify Best Local SEO Services?

Generally, local SEO services help local businesses with regional SEO. These services can help businesses rank higher on SERPs to get more organic traffic to their website, Google Business Profile, or other landing pages. The SEO company can help you make a custom SEO plan and put it into action. This is by combining your team’s skills, tools, and technology with theirs. 

Therefore, you need to find a company that is perfect for you. By “perfect,” we mean a company that gets you results and shows you real improvements. Hence, to find the ideal company, you need to start by identifying what part of your business can benefit from local SEO. 

We at Cyber Dolphins work with every kind of industry. We have the expertise—not just in SEO but in a lot of other things like web development and content creation—that can help you ace the digital marketing world. Are you ready to up your SEO strategies? Log on to Cyber Dolphins and let’s get started!

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1, How much do Local SEO services cost?

In India, the average cost is between ₹5,000- ₹25,000 per month. In the USA it is approximately $2,500-$10,000 per month.

2, Is it worth hiring someone for SEO?

Yes, it is definitely worth hiring an SEO expert especially if you have an online business or website.

3, What is the distinction between local and global SEO?

The difference is apparent from the name itself. Local SEO builds an online presence locally and Global SEO builds an online presence globally (anywhere in the world).

4, Can you learn SEO in three months?

Usually, it takes up to a month to learn the basics of SEO and more than a year to master it.