How can I do SEO for my website


Introducing your website to the world for the first time can seem to be an intimidating task. It can be more difficult if you are unaware of the various techniques and tools that are required to optimize your website. You have to create the best SEO for website ranking and traffic which may convert the users into potential customers. What will be the use of spending the time and efforts on the website if there are no visitors, no traffic, and no sales?

It is not a tough task if one understands the basic concepts and fundamentals of SEO for website ranking. 

So if you are a beginner and have absolutely no experience or idea about how to optimize SEO for websites, here is the information you need to know.

What do search engines focus on?

Several search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo look for websites and content that can be useful to the users. Organic SEO helps businesses to create something for the users without any cost and attract them to the website. It is a great option for small businesses and hence, search engines also focus on the most relevant and clear content. 

The four elements that determine the relevance of any site includes- 

  • Content 
  • Performance 
  • Authority 
  • User experience 

These are the elements that the company should focus on and constantly work hard so that ranking your website on Google organically becomes easy.

Here are the 7 steps to create SEO for a website

Select an attractive domain name

A Domain name represents your business or company. So selecting the most attractive and unique name is of utmost importance. The name should be created in a way that it mentions the type of product or service you are offering. When creating this name, make sure that you are checking the spelling, because a misspelled word can be a huge disadvantage for the business. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited hence, search for a tool that helps you to ensure that the name is unique and does not have any trademark or copyright label.

Search for the right keywords

Keywords are a crucial part of building a perfect SEO for your business. Before you start building the website, ask yourself questions like what is the page about and the main intent of the page? Once you know the answers to these questions searching for keywords will become easier. The next step is to look for tools on the internet that can help you in finding the most popular keywords or the ones that can help the search engines to find you easily. Once that is done make a list of all the keywords and start creating the content mentioning those keywords at the appropriate place.

Optimize your content 

High-quality content is the building block for your website. If the content is not good, the website will stop working automatically. Whatever you publish on the website will be visible to the users, so you have to make sure that everything is just perfect. Content may include- 

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Videos 
  • Infographics
  • FAQs and more 

Making catchy headlines with creative meta descriptions and regular mentioning of keywords is mandatory. Also, understand the importance of the word limit. Try to keep it as informative as possible. 

Optimize your code 

Just how optimizing content is important, optimizing code is also equally necessary. Create an SEO-friendly URL structure because search engines might have a problem in seeing your website when the URL is not up to the mark. Avoid dynamic URLs, rather add keywords to the URLs so that search engines find you and keep you under the eye of the users. Create an XML sitemap so that search engines can crawl and index your website more easily.

How can I do SEO for my website

Technical setup 

Measurement of performance should be your next step wherein a proper analysis of your website needs to be done. Check the number of visitors on your website and the time they spend looking through it. This will help you to understand the potential customers and help you to target them easily. If a strategy doesn’t work in the first month and it is clearly visible through the analytics, try and improve it the next time and avoid repeating any mistake.

Obtain links 

Links are an important factor in SEO and one has to understand the concept well for an effective and successful website. When the content is perfect, people would be impressed by it and would like to share it with other people. Promote your content to the right audience so that they act as an intermediary between you and other such users. For this, your only job is to build a good relationship with them and provide them with various facilities and extra offers.  

Checklist for post-launch

The last step is to check whether all of this is done properly, a single mistake and everything can go wrong. Check for the usability of the website and use it from the visitor’s perspective. Create a mobile-responsive website for the users so that they can use it at any time from any palace with an internet connection. Ensure that the speed of loading is high as slow speed would not attract users.

The bottom line

Once you consider all these points and keep them in mind, you are good to go! Just follow them properly and then apply them to your website. Don’t expect any shortcuts, because it needs a lot of hard work to successfully build a website that ranks at the top of the search results page. 

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