5 Key Benefits of User-Generated Content 1.1

5 Key Benefits of User-Generated Content

What is User Generated Content ?

Users are the lifeline of a brand. The success of all the marketing strategies of a brand depends on the fact that how well its users react and interact with it. It’s cent percent right to say that users have the power to make or break a brand. It is true for each and every brand of the world regardless of the stream they work in. It’s always seen in the past that the brands which are user centric go a longer way when compared to the brands which are revenue centric. The voice of users reaches out louder to other users and works better than any particular marketing scheme. This idea only forms the base of a wonderful idea called ‘User generated content’. 

User generated content refers to a piece of content related to a brand which has been framed and published by the users or consumers of the brand. The piece of content can be in any shape or form like photos, videos, blogs, reviews, tweets and anything which falls in between. The content which is put out by users is brand centric from all perspectives. In simple words we can say that it’s a way by which customers promote a brand or their service rather than the brand itself. The publishers are not hired or assigned marketers of the brand. User generated content comes from the hands of consumers. User generated content is popularly known as UGC or consumer generated content. This content creates a good impact on other users as it comes out from a consumer standpoint. 

Who all are the Contributors ?

Till now we have come to know that user generated content comes from the consumers of a brand. But there is a layer added to it. Let us reveal the layer of truth before talking any further. A user or a customer can be of many sorts. A regular buyer is a customer whereas a first time buyer is also a customer. A fanboy of a brand is a customer whereas a person who just likes a brand can also be a customer. So a customer can be of many types. A piece of content generated by any of them is very precious for every brand. 

From a post on social media from a user praising a brand’s product to a photo of recently unboxed products, everything which comes from the user end is counted as user generated content. A content from the end of an employee of the brand which is unpaid can be taken in as user generated content. A user generated content is often raw in its feel and emotional outlook. 

The best example of user generated content are mirror selfies. We see them everywhere around the internet today. Users of the smartphone brands tend to take selfies while putting their smartphones in focus and this reflects a great user generated content. It promotes the brands even when the brand is not putting in any effort in the promotion directly. The mirror selfies are not paid and it’s not instigated by the brands. This is the fact which makes the user generated content so special and unique in its element. User generated content is based on a unique user-brand relationship.

Types of User Generated Content

As discussed earlier on, the user generated content comes in many different forms. There is no restriction when it comes to the format of the user generated content. Any content of any form and format which is dedicated towards a particular brand can be put under the category of user generated content. The major type of UGC consists of images, videos, Social media posts and publications, live streams, articles, blogs and reviews. 

Importance and Benefits of User Generated Content

User generated content comes with innumerable benefits and importance attached to it. It is all over the place and helps a brand in engagement as well as far fetched influence. UGC has always been a key element in the marketing world. It’s so popular that every brand focuses or tries to focus their attention on these UGCs when it comes to promoting their brand far and wide. All this popularity and recognition of the user generated content is just not a mere hype but a real deal which has been nourished over the years.

Let us dive deep into the benefits of User Generated Content- 


Everyone loves authenticity and it’s no different in the marketing and sales world. People tend to buy products of the brand that are authentic in their approach and outlook over the brands that are unauthentic. Authenticity plays a huge role in knowing the brands and their products inside out. When we as customers know the pros and cons of products we tend to make more sound decisions which are well suited to us. As the online world is growing at such a crazy pace, authenticity is becoming more and more crucial for the users. Customers today make more calculated decisions before going for a brand. Not only customers but brands also resonate with the fact that authenticity is very crucial from every angle. 

User generated content is more authentic than any other form of content as it comes directly from the end of the user. People trust other people more than the brands. Information put out from people’s end holds more value than the information put out by the brand itself. Content put out by brands holds less value because people are well aware of the fact that brands will try to sell their products by any means possible. Whereas content generated by users is considered more authentic because of the fact that people know that users don’t have any profit extracting intention behind it. 

Thus the influence created by users is considered more authentic than influence instilled by the brands. 


Humans are born to be social beings. All of us love to live in communities and communicate together. A healthy community prospers better than an individual in most of the scenarios. Community gives a sense of power and togetherness to its people. Not just humans in particular, brands as well have realized the power of community in recent years and take it into major consideration. User generated content helps the brands in building a community of individuals which have the same outlook. UGC helps the customers to start a talk around a brand or its product. This fuels the interaction between different customers hence ultimately building a community. Shared content also brings up the fire in people to communicate in a community. 

Once a brand is well equipped with a community it becomes quite easy to spread a word. Brands can reach out to larger audiences with less effort and input. A community makes the customers feel attached to the brand at every level. 

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Who doesn’t like trust? I guess everyone has an affinity for trust. Trust factor plays a major role in the customer-brand relationship. Customers are attracted towards brands that are truthful and transparent. Not only trust is the most attractive feature of the brand, it is the most difficult feature to attain for brands too. Building a trust requires deep efforts and strategy for the brand. It takes time to bring about a trust factor and bring out its magic in public. 

User generated content helps the brands to build trust over the period of time. As discussed earlier user generated content is trusted by the masses more than a brand’s marketing scheme. Let us understand how UGC works to foster the trust factor for a brand. For example if a customer buys a new phone of some brand. He/she uses it for a month and falls in love with how the device works. Thus, they decide to publish an appreciation post on social media for the phone. Now their friends, family and everyone who goes through their post comes to know about the product of the brand and because the review of the product comes from an unbiased end, the people around will not hesitate to put their trust on the brand. This example shallowly explains how UGC builds trust for a brand among the people. 

Thus, UGC is the best tool for the brands to level up their game of trust and take it to another high. It builds a relationship that is far more impactful than anything and everything. Above all it makes a brand memorable in the eyes of the people. 


A brand promotes its products and services through different marketing channels. These marketing channels require funds to be carried out successfully. A large team has to be maintained that looks after every nook and corner of the marketing. Additionally the team goes on to hire influencers that promote the brand at the ground level and actually carry out the marketing of the product. This all comes with a cost. 

On the flip side, what is the cost of marketing through user generated content? The answer is quite simple and relieving for the brands. It’s near about zero. This is one of the most essential benefits of UGC. There is no cost in hiring any team or any influencer when it comes to UGC. 


At the end of the day every brand wants to create conversion and generate revenue. The more the conversions, the more growth a brand sees. User generated content is very effective in bringing conversions for a brand. It’s very obvious till now that user generated content impacts people in the best way possible. It is critical in influencing people’s decision about a product of the brand and finally taking them to the buying table. User generated content is the most authentic review that the product is worth paying money for. 

The more people are engaged with the content of a brand, the more chances there are for people to actually go ahead and buy its product. Thus user generated content greatly helps a brand in generating revenue by shooting up their sales. If seen from above each and every customer of a brand holds the same value for a brand but if we closely observe we find out that UGC brings the best kind of customers to the brand. This is because of the fact that they are not welcomed through a marketing scheme put out by the brand instead they have approached a brand through unbiased and unadulterated opinions of previous users of the brand. 


Users are the backbone of a successful brand. A brand that is dedicated towards growth and wants to prosper focuses on its users more than anything. Users in return love to show their love towards a brand that they truly believe in. User generated content is one such token of love which users dedicate to the brand they believe in. User generated content as the name suggests is content put out by consumers of a brand in any form such as images, videos, blogs and many more.  UGC or customer generated content is exceptionally impactful in every single way. It’s the most unbiased opinion of a customer of a brand and its product which is not adulterated by any external force. 

It’s a brilliant form of promotion for brands too, as the user generated content is not paid and is created as a token of appreciation by the customers. Brands tend to reshare these user generated content on their social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ,etc if they like the works of their customers. User generated content plays a huge role in marketing a brand in a very unconventional manner and pretty indirect one. It creates a positive image of the brand in the minds of other users.  

UGC plays a very important role for a brand. From creating a strong brand image to generating a great revenue stream, the benefits of User Generated Content are widespread. It’s a no brainer why all the brands from all over the world want to focus on user generated content. It’s magical beyond belief and powerful beyond words.

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