A deep look into email marketing: The game changer​

A deep look into email marketing: The game changer​


We use email or electronic mail on an everyday basis for formal messages, informal messages, information, or advertisements. These things help us in building the customer base for our business. So what is all of this called? Email marketing. It is where marketers use email to promote their products. Email marketing is also used to inform the audiences about new product launches. Email marketing is one of the most useful techniques in digital marketing and can generate a good amount of ROI when used effectively. 

But first, let’s learn a little bit about the background of email marketing. 


Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in the year 1971 which marked the beginning of the latest communication era. Before email came into existence, marketers would use the traditional techniques of distributing advertisements. For example, catalogs, newsletters, and flyers. These techniques did not generate traffic in a greater quantity, and hence marketers needed something that would be effective. 

Later, Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager, sent the first commercial mail to advertise a product. This gave birth to email marketing! 

In today’s times, email marketing is being used efficiently to earn more customers and generate more profit.

Types of email marketing

After understanding the background of email marketing, let us now get an insight into the exact types of email marketing and which one proves to be useful. Here are the 5 types of email marketing to just give you an idea of the best ones. 

Welcome mail 

Welcome emails are the best way to introduce the company to the users. It is the first step in knowing the customers and giving them a brief about the company. They help in forming a relationship with the customers that can go for a long time in the future. Welcome mails have high click-through rates and open rates which makes it the most useful technique. 

Email newsletters

Many businesses and organizations use newsletters to stay on the top priority list of the users. They generate a lot of leads. They are similar to newspapers and give absolutely high opening rates or click-through rates. When the company sends the newsletter emails daily, the reader gets into a habit of reading it every day which increases the traffic and creates brand awareness. 

Promotional emails

Promotional emails are sent to users or the targeted audience to encourage them to buy a new innovation. It is a powerful tool that helps the company to increase traffic in the business and generate more revenue. 

Dedicated emails

Dedicated emails are generally sent to only a set number of subscribers. With this type of email marketing, the business can send important information like events or newly launched products to all of its subscribers who can become potential customers. This method generates higher traffic. The company is not randomly sending emails to people who may or may not be interested in reading the mail or for that matter opening the mail.

Transactional emails 

Transactional emails are generally sent when the customer has bought some product or signed in with the company. They are thankyou emails that are sent once the customer signs up with the company. Sometimes e-commerce websites also send these emails when the customer has ordered some item online.

These were the few types that we thought were useful for all types of businesses. Next are the advantages of email marketing which is of utmost importance.

A deep look into email marketing: The game changer​

Benefits of email marketing

Reach a larger audience

Email marketing helps businesses to reach users who can become potential customers. They can target a set number of audiences and promote the products effectively and efficiently. 

Easy to measure

The marketer can track the success or failure of a mail easily by measuring the opening and click-through rates. They can also analyze the conversion rates of users into customers. According to the analysis, one can make changes accordingly. These changes can prove to be very useful in the future. 

Low costs

Compared to the traditional form of marketing, this technique is much more cost-effective. One does not have to go through the process of printing and distributing. In fact, email is absolutely free! Although there will be a small investment in terms of trackers, it is nothing compared to printing and distributing. 

On-the-spot impact

The marketer can start seeing the results as soon as the emails are sent. In the case of traditional marketing, the business people have to wait for days. After waiting for days, there are still no chances of conversion rates. In email marketing, the marketer can get instant results and accordingly analyze their future marketing strategies. 

Unbeatable return on investment

We have already mentioned it many times and write it yet again that email marketing generates a higher amount of revenue on investment. It increases the traffic on the website and converts users into potential customers. Investing in email marketing can be much more helpful as compared to traditional marketing. 


So after getting a glimpse of email marketing, we are sure that you would like to invest your time in this technique and try to generate more profits. If you still feel that the tool is not useful then we can change this thought. We can give you a live example of a company that has been successfully doing it for a long time. Cyber dolphins are constantly working hard and dedicating themselves to create effective emails for all their users and customers. They always try to build a strong relationship with each one of them.

The user’s feedback can help in a lot of improvement if taken in a positive manner. It can generate a lot of leads for your business. Also analyze the opening rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates and make the necessary changes for the future. We hope the article is helpful for you and you become the next big thing through digital marketing. So what are you waiting for, get the software and start marketing with the help of email. Read more about how to plan your social media.

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