A complete manual The ABCs of online marketing

A Complete Manual: The ABCs of Online Marketing


In today’s world, the internet plays a major role in almost every field and industry. During the pandemic, students had to take online classes, businesses had to work from home, and people had accepted the fact that every single thing can now be done on the internet. 

Just like that, even digital or online marketing is one of the ways through which marketers can promote their products and services. So, if you are a newcomer here is a list of all the various terms that a marketer should know and keep in mind. 


About page

It is the first page or the page that comes when a user clicks on the website. The users get to know about the company as to what product or service the company provides or what can the users expect from the company. The page is of utmost importance and the marketer has to ensure that they create the perfect page that has all the information that a user might need. 

Alt tags

An alt tag, also known as “alt attribute” or “alt description,” is an HTML attribute that is applied to image tags to give search engines a text alternative. Images in alt tags, such as product photos, can help a business rank higher in search engines. The business has to use alt tags to get high rankings for their pages.


Backlinks are a part of off-page SEO and are an inbound link that comes from one website to a page on another website. This also helps the company to stay on top of the search engine results page.  


Blogging is a part of content marketing wherein the marketer writes on different topics related to the company and posts it on the company’s website. Readers love reading blogs and hence, blogging is a good way of attracting more users to the website. 

Content development

Content is of utmost importance and it consists of researching, gathering, organizing, writing, and editing content for publication on different websites. The goal is to build a connection with an audience or to inspire some kind of marketing or sales outcome.

Domain name 

The domain name of your website is the address that people type into the URL bar of their browser to access it. To put it another way, if your website were a building, your domain name would be the address. To have a place on the company’s site on the internet, the marketer has to register the domain name.


Ebook is a part of content development wherein the marketer can create books in an electronic format and publish it on the website of the company. This increases the traffic on the website as more book lovers visit the website. 


It is a part of the social media channel that the company can use to give various types of content to the followers and increase the traffic on the site. Facebook is a great platform for marketers and they have to use it effectively and efficiently. 

Geo-targeting ads 

It refers to the practice of delivering different types of content to the visitors based on the geolocation which includes country, IP address, organization, etc.


It’s a form of web hosting service that allows people to make their websites available on the internet.


Local businesses use Instagram to advertise their goods or services to the app’s followers and then develop a close relationship with them in order to turn them into potential customers.



A programming language that is used to control the Adwords data in a browser-based IDE.


During the development of content, keywords are written that are important to the business and can be easily identified by search engines. One has to craft the content according to the apt keywords.

Landing pages

The design of the landing page is user-centric. It is where the users would land after they have clicked on the PPC advertisement. It may convert the audience into customers.


It is a text that provides a short and clear explanation of the content contained in a specific web-page.

A complete manual The ABCs of online marketing


It is a part of the website that allows the users to scroll through the content that is present on the website. 


Optimization is the structure of the page concerning search engines. 



PPC is a form of paid advertising used to promote the product to the customers and it is a part of on-page optimization.



QA(quality assurance) is a way of testing to ensure that the elements are perfect. 



It is a method of displaying advertisements to users twice in order for them to try out the product if they were not persuaded the first time.



SEO attracts search engine traffic that involves the use of keyword research. It is an important part of online marketing.



It is a social media app used for posting content and promoting products or services to users. 


UX design

It is a strategic way to design a website and is an essential element of online marketing. 



Users can comprehend content in a visual format, such as through videos shared on various social media apps.



The marketer must create a website, which is a page on the internet dedicated to online marketing. It contains all of the company’s details.. 


XML sitemap 

It is the list of all the pages on the company’s website. 



Youtube is a form of online marketing wherein the company posts certain content relevant to the company. 



It helps to control the positioning of overlapping elements and is used for black hat SEO purposes. 


These are all the definitions that are included in the ABC’s of online marketing dictionary and to get the detailed information you can also contact Cyber Dolphins that is a digital marketing agency that provides the best services. At Cyber Dolphins, you get the opportunity to connect with some of the experts in the field who can take your business to the next level.

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