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5 Email Marketing Automation Strategies

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What is Email automation?

Email automation makes use of a marketing automation platform to send messages automatically, ensuring that the right recipients receive the relevant information at the right time without the need for manual intervention.

You may target customers based on their behavior, preferences, and previous sales when you integrate your website analytics with your email marketing software. The experience of each customer may then be tailored, and your automated advertisements will be more pertinent. You can connect with one and only Digital marketing agency to get the overview of email marketing automation.

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Why use Email automation for marketing?

email automation

The following five arguments support the use of email marketing automation by all marketers. You can:

1. Create segmented mailing lists

Businesses may build mailing lists with a lot of segmentation thanks to email marketing automation. Based on subscriber activities and Customer Relationship Management data, marketers can segment their lists (entire purchase history, last purchase, lead stage, etc.)

Marketers can benefit from highly focused marketing automation workflows that increase engagement and sales through smart segmentation.

2. Convert prospects into customers

According to studies, more than 60% of consumers choose email as a way of interaction, making it the perfect tool for lead nurturing. Email automation assists marketers in effectively nurturing the prospects they need to go through the sales funnel. They are certain to stay away from the time-consuming chore of manually sending marketing emails.

3. Maintain engagement with prospects and existing customers

Online marketers can detect which assets or links in their emails receive positive replies by using click-through statistics that email marketing automation offers. Marketers can then use this information to maximize the efficiency of the messages in their emails in order to prevent complaints, create favorable brand perceptions, and lower the quantity of bounces and unsubscribes. Marketers ultimately benefit from maintaining a healthy level of connection with both prospects and clients.

4. Increase efficiency

Online marketers can save a ton of time and work by automating repetitive CRM operations with email. They can use automation to do things like save and track customer information, gauge consumer interest and purchase intent through lead scoring, get in touch with inactive leads again, and calculate return on investment (ROI).

5. Improve engagement

Marketers can send their subscribers relevant, tailored, and timely communications thanks to email automation. Marketers increase subscribers’ engagement with their brand as a result.

5 Email Marketing Automation Strategies

Here, Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd. will look at the best practices you should follow if you want your email automation to provide outstanding results. These don’t just depend on the capabilities offered by the vendor of your marketing automation software. Even while this is an excellent starting point for your automated email marketing, it’s not even about the email marketing software you employ. It’s also important to have a plan for utilizing those tools to their best potential.

1. Plan every campaign

Make a list of the objectives you have for this specific email automation. Your chances of success are higher if you are more explicit about what you want from your automation campaign.

It’s also critical to identify your target audience. This may be determined by behavior or demographics. Knowing your consumers well will enable you to communicate with them more personally and will also give you a better sense of when to delay deliveries.

2. Segment your subscribers

You are well aware that not every one of your clients or subscribers is the same. Why then do you have them all go through the identical client journey? Instead, you must be able to recognize and divide your subscribers and current clients into various divisions. After that, you’ll be able to take them on various excursions with pertinent offers, knowledge, and more. 

Let’s imagine, for illustration, that you want to contact dormant clients. You can easily establish a segment of clients who haven’t made a purchase from you in the previous 60 days. As a result, I’m creating a segment of people who made an initial purchase worth at least $20 within the previous 90 days using Omnisend’s segmentation feature.

3. Use Web tracking and customer profiles

Catering to your existing consumers requires understanding them and acting on their feedback. Even before they make a purchase from you, you can use Google Analytics to see the travels of your clients. This is divided into acknowledged and unidentified (anonymous) visitors. You may observe what they are doing as well as the pages, times, and frequency of their visits.

What then can you do with this knowledge?

#1 Acknowledge your winners

If you’re using Google Analytics or web tracking, you may observe the precise steps that your visitors are doing in varied degrees of detail.

You can draw attention to the most well-liked pages more frequently among the appropriate audiences. You can highlight your most well-liked products in email campaigns and on popups.

#2 Recognize your visitors’ purchasing intents

You may tell that a visitor is highly interested in your products and has a strong desire to make a purchase if you notice that they have returned to a particular product or category page more than once. With such information, you can email a known visitor to entice them to make a purchase.

4. Conduct A/B testing

Your email marketing automation approach must include A/B testing. You can arrange your communications so that two separate copies of the same message are sent out, each containing a different concept that you wish to test, as opposed to only testing one idea at a time.

Here are some excellent suggestions for A/B testing you can implement right away:

  1. To determine if % or $ indications are more effective for your subscribers, test out different discounts in the subject lines.
  2. Test the same subject line both ways: emojis and without
  3. Test subject lines both with and without the subscriber’s name. To see if using their name is more effective
  4. Try several subject lines, including those that include “limited-time offer” and those that don’t.
  5. To determine which email content generates the most clicks and purchases, test various offers, goods, and other elements.

5. Re-engage passive subscribers

As you are surely aware, keeping your current clients is more profitable than continually acquiring new ones. Re-engagement is a form of email marketing automation method that you shouldn’t overlook because of this. Try to reactivate your subscribers if they haven’t purchased anything from you in more than three months or if they haven’t opened an email from you in a number of weeks.

Create unique promos that you can send to inactive subscribers. For passive subscribers (who have never made a purchase from you) and passive customers, you can set up various offers.


Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd. covered a lot of ground in this blog, so let’s quickly review the key items you ought to pack. The automation of email marketing is a strong machine with many intricate working components. However it enables online retailers to send out automatic emails (and other kinds of messaging) in response to pre-set triggers.

The triggers might be as general as an abandoned cart, a welcome, a birthday, or other events, or you can be more precise with re-engagement campaigns for different times of the year (like 30, 90, or even 120 days). Since the email marketing tool will already have those prepared in its library of pre-built templates, the conventional email marketing automation is typically simpler to set up.

Hence this implies that you can convey the ideal message at the ideal moment without having to intervene manually in any way. Simply “set it and forget it” and it will function and generate sales.


How can you automate your email marketing with Emphasizing?

You can create exact triggers from user actions to send your emails and create cost-free email processes using bulk email services. You can also use our system to combine automated emails with SMS and web push alerts to enhance consumer communications. Join Cyber Dolphins Pvt Ltd to benefit from email automation to the fullest.

Why will email marketing move toward automation?

The first benefit is that bulk email services provide companies with the means to start automated email marketing campaigns. As a result, email marketing automation can help small businesses grow more quickly. One last factor makes marketing automation crucial today: clients now want customized communications from their preferred businesses.

Which email templates should you use for your marketing automation?

Use welcome letters to orient new subscribers, and use anniversary emails to express gratitude to dedicated subscribers. While abandoned cart emails will persuade some customers to complete their purchase, reactivation emails will re-engage some inactive subscribers and help you clean up your mailing list.